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Loft hatch's 

The loft hatch serves as a portal to the upper storage area, providing a means to access the attic for various purposes such as storage, maintenance, or inspection using the right loft hatch combined with the right loft ladder makes easy access.

loft hatch 1.png
pvc loft hatch 
  • Foam compression seal for draught-free fitting

  • Pre-formed frame and fixing screws included

  • Easy-to-clean textured finish

  • Secure catches for draught sealing and prevention of wind uplift

  • Thermally insulated lid

  • Frame seals to ceiling

loft hatch 2.jpg

wooden loft hatch 

  • 3.6cm hatch thickness and 3cm insulation thickness

  • 1.1W/m²K heat transmission

  • 160kg permissible loading

  • Fully assembled and quick to install in the ceiling

  • Includes white hatch, stile ends, red painted handrail and peripheral seal

  • Non-slip treads protruding from strings for safety

  • Three-section ladder

  • Possibility of installing additional accessories

loft hatch 2.jpg

Peter White


2nd February 2023

"Kyle and his team is a fantastic job boarding out my loft and loft ladders. Highly recommended."

Julie Hendrick


6th September 2023

"Excellent work , I would recommend to anyone"

Tray Ann


17th August 2023

"Hi I had loft boarding and loft ladders dii a brilliant job for me highly recommend them to friends"

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